Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magical Moment 189, "Redeemed"

Today was my third EP pre-production meeting with Modern Vintage Recordings. We’re very early on in the recording process and so far, have only laid down guides for each song. A guide is a simple piano and vocal track that sets the tempo and key before the real recording begins. From these guides, we’ll come up with an entire instrumental arrangement for each of the 5 songs. After that is recorded, the next step is to record vocals. And finally, everything will be mixed and mastered to perfection.

My last meeting didn’t go so well. I was nervous, distracted, and had a difficult time playing my songs in time with the electronic click track. I realized a few days later that we completely forgot about one of the songs, “Throw Some More Dirt,” and when I reminded the production team, they called me in again to lay down a guide for it.

Thank goodness they did, because today went fifty bazillion times better than last time. So much better in fact, that after we laid down “Throw Some More Dirt” in only one take without errors, my producer asked me to re-do all the guides from the last time. I happily obliged. I went through each song, with ease and confidence and before I knew it we were done…less than an hour.

I was relieved. Now my producers know I’m not an idiot. I can in fact play the piano in rhythm. I’m looking forward to the next step in our pre-production process. Until then, I am grateful for my redeeming chance.