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Magical Moment 620, "Lilac Garden"

Eddie and I visited the Lilac Gardens at Ringwood Manor in New Jersey, a pristine and beautiful state park with 8 species of lilacs and several varieties within. We went on a rainy afternoon, which turned out perfect because the rain stopped for us when we got there, and began again as soon as we left. It also decorated the plants with gorgeous rain drops, adding to their beauty. 

And now for a quick game of "Where's Elizabeth?"
And "Where's Eddie?"
~~Have a great weekend! ~~

Magical Moment 619, "Today is the Day!!!"

A common goal for any musician/singer/songwriter, is to record an album of their very own. I didn't realize how daunting of a task this would be when I set out to do just that 2 years ago. The songs were already hard could it be to find a studio, producer, audio engineer, musicians, graphic designers, photographers, public relations specialist, cd duplication and distributors? Turns out, very. Yes, it quite a learning experience with steep curve. But I'm proud to say, that it's officially complete and ready for sale!
The album, "Silk in the Sky" is a 10 track album, 9 of which are originals. They are a collection of my personal favorite songs. I would categorize the genre as adult contemporary. It's very easy to listen to, with a touch of jazz, blues, and folk thrown in...and one Jewish lullaby for good measure. 
Here are the ways you can purchase the album:
1. Digital download of the entire album is available on amazon for only $6.99! 2. Digital do…

Magical Moment 618, "Assateague National Seashore"

Eddie planned a special trip for my birthday this month. He whisked me away to Assateague National Seashore in Maryland for a few days. This is one of the few remaining places where wild horses roam free along the beaches. It's absolutely breathtaking! I was lucky enough to spot not 1, but 2 foals, brand new this spring. :)
This foal, Giggles, was named by the National Park Service. There are over 100 wild horses in this heard, some are named, others only given numbers.

They roll in the grass or sand to get the bugs owners to groom them.
This was actually a bit frightening. About 7-10 horses wandered through a campsite and got spooked. They began running in circles through this enclosed, crowded area. A reminder that these are true wild animals and not as tame as they appear. 
This was the most beautiful mother and foal, estimated at only 4 weeks old! She has no name, just a number. So I call the baby S'more. 

S'more nursing...felt so privileged to witness this!

Magical Moment 617, "Joy and Scoop"

My dog Joy found Scoop. Scoop is the cuddly polar bear who was much too adorable to put away after Christmas was over 3 months ago. Named for his remarkable resemblance to a round scoop of vanilla ice cream, he makes his way from sofa, to floor, to shelf, to bedroom. I just couldn't bear to put him into a box in the basement. Can you blame me?
Joy has stuffed toys, she chews on them, fetches them, and shakes them from side to side in her mouth. But she knows Scoop is not that kind of toy. And she found a good use for him.

*Contented sigh*

Magical Moment 616, "A Sighting in the Woods"

This little story was written by my husband, Eddie. ~~~ "A Sighting in the Woods"
As he opened his eyes, the cold instantly brought him to full alert. The sharp, biting wind had been there all along, but his dreams had sheltered him completely. The green meadows and fields of flowers were snatched away so suddenly that even their memory was gone.  He stood slowly. His joints were stiff and his muscles tight. It was as though he had been there for days rather than a few short hours. He stretched his neck and shoulders and took a cautious step forward. He took one strong whiff of the pre dawn air to confirm what he already knew to be true; he was alone. The air from his powerful lungs crystallized as he exhaled and his second breath was deeper and longer, almost a sigh. It was going to be a long day and he knew it.
For the first few hours, he saw nothing to cause alarm. There was no sign of life at all. Even the birds seemed strangely quiet as he made his way along the invisible, …

Magical Moment 615, "Sweet Beulah Land"

I can't believe it was just a few short weeks ago that my thoughts drifted towards a close family friend, Pastor Brooks, and I felt prodded to write about him and share his influence on my life with all of you in this post: Great is Your Reward
Today, he has passed away. Only his legacy remains on earth, while he is celebrating in Heaven with his dear wife. When I heard the news this morning, I went straight to the piano, opened the dusty, rarely used hymnal on my shelf, and opened it to page 775, "Sweet Beulah Land." 
I decided to record it on my computer. It's nearly 6 pm, and I haven't stopped to eat. I just wanted to play this for him. Tears of sadness are mixed with tears of joy as I think of him and his true love together again. He missed her so much and I know in my heart, he was ready to go. I can hear him singing this song. Please keep his family in your thoughts and prayers.
Press play to hear my recording of "Sweet Beulah Land" in honor of Pastor…

Magical Moment 614, "Running Buddies"

A ribbon of gray pavement ran through the deep woods, holding back the thicket of bare tree branches that grabbed at it and tried to swallow it up. It was closed off to cars, allowing mothers pushing strollers, dog-walkers, and runners like me to have the path to ourselves. Only today, I was its only visitor, or so I thought. 
Down the straight path, in the early morning darkness, I noticed silhouettes ahead of me. It looked like...dogs. A pack of dogs in the woods? I had just seen the "The Grey" the previous night, a movie about man-eating wolves in Alaska, and suddenly slowed my pace. I squinted. Not wild dogs, greyhounds! I could tell now that their lines were slender and sleek, and for a moment, I rationalized that there was a dog park just a mile up the road. A greyhound lover must be out walking with their dogs and let them off the leash. I jogged forward and all of the sudden, through the shadows cast by the rising sun behind the trees, I saw a spec of white on one of …

Magical Moment 613, "Monstera Deliciosa"

First of all, congrats to Jayne from Suburban Soliloquyfor winning the CD give-away! And thank you to all who entered! ~~~
There are always discoveries to be made at Thomas Edison National Park, where my husband is a Park Ranger. My favorite building on the property however, is the old Greenhouse, which is kept up by a local volunteer garden club.  In just 7 years, they've re-created the original beauty as it was years ago in Thomas Edison's Day. 
There are plants from all over the world, cultivated and cared for, with the patience that only a true gardener can possess. I am no gardener, and I've never had a green thumb. But the Greenhouse is so special to me, that I wanted to offer what I could to help out. There is much to be learned in the world of gardening!
The newest discovery I learned of, is a plant called Monstera Deliciosa. It's a tropical plant that can grow up to 20 meters high and produces a muy deliciosa fruit. One of these fruits fell from its branch the oth…

Magical Moment 612, "My First Give-Away"

After 2 years and 611 posts, I'm going to host my very first give-away!  The prize will be (drum roll)...... my album, "Silk in the Sky," which releases April 10th. I know, I know, try to contain your excitement. :)
So all you need to do if you're interested in winning the 10 track CD before its' official release date, is leave a comment below saying you'd like to be entered into the drawing. The winner will be announced this Wednesday and I'll get the CD in the mail to the winner that very day. 
I've adjusted my comment settings, so ANYONE can leave a comment.

If you don't win, don't be too disappointed! You can buy the album April 10th on iTunes, Amazon, or CDbaby. :) Good luck!

Magical Moment 611, "Great is Your Reward"

Certain sounds and smells can bring to mind a long forgotten memory. For me, certain Bible verses can conjure up a memory, long, but not so forgotten.
If you grew up like me, in a private Christian school, attending Sunday School, Awanas, and Vacation Bible School regularly, you're an expert at quoting Scripture. I laugh in the face of Bible "Sword Drill." I can find a Scripture reference in 3 seconds or less. When other's have to think to themselves the sequential order, "Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians..." I'm already at I Thessalonians. It's like growing up bi-lingual. The skill is just there.
This morning, I read the first 3 words of a verse, and then finished it quickly by memory. Like the pledge of allegiance, it was automatic. "Trust in the Lord...
...With all thine heart and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths."  Proverbs 3:5-6
When I finished, I smiled to myself slightl…

Magical moment 610, "Ripples"

Beautiful things happen when we choose right. To act the right way, re-act the right way, eat right, take care of ourselves right, and do right. Before you know it, you're looking at an ocean reflecting the sunshine, standing next to the person you love, thinking, "How did I get here?"
" There's a ripple effect,
In all that we do.
What you do touches me,
What I do touches you."
-Author Unknown

Magical Moment 609, "A Builder's Birthday"

Me and my dad on my wedding day

In honor of my dad's birthday today, I thought I'd post the song, "A Builder." I wrote this song for my dad back in 2009, and it will be on my upcoming album, Silk in the Sky releasing in April of this year. But you can hear the finished product right now! He is, as you may have guessed, a builder. He founded his own construction business and worked tirelessly for years while I was growing up to make it a success. He no longer builds for a living, but it still remains one of his passions. Try passing a building without him critiquing the structural engineering of it! Happy birthday, dad! Love you!