Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magical Moment 353, "Your Letter"

I had a nice, unexpected, and long overdue surprise today. Inspiration to write a song! I haven't done much writing in the last year because I've been so focused on recording. In fact, I haven't even thought about trying to write music lately. But today, I have no idea how or why, but the first line of this chorus popped into my head and suddenly I thought, "I have to write that song!" Maybe it's because I've been de-cluttering the house lately and throwing stuff away. Maybe it's because I watched the movie, Letters to Juliet last night. But somehow, this idea implanted itself into my brain, I caught some wind in my sails, and I actually finished it in one day. It's a little rough around the edges, but here is my proud work for the day! 

"Your Letter" by Elizabeth Grimes 1/23/11

Verse 1:
I knew the moment that we ended, I could see it all over your eyes,
I could tell you were pretending that my tears weren’t killing you inside.
So regrets and all of those last words that you never had the courage to say
They all came out after, in a tear stained and wrinkled way.

I’m glad I threw away your letter. Or else it coulda got the better of me.
There’ve been times I wish I kept it. But I know that ain’t the best place to be.
So I threw it away, like you threw me away.
Now the words being heard are the ones that I say

Verse 2:

There was a time I read it often. Kept it close like the blanket of a child.
Gave me hope, kept me safe, it was soft and I clung with all my might for a while.
But once I learned I could walk I found that it was holding me down.
I never saw a bird fly or soar without leaving the ground.

I didn’t burn it cuz I don’t feel spite.
I didn’t shred it cuz I don’t feel hate.
I just wadded it up, tossed inside, then turned and walked away.
Remember when you walked away?