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Magical Moment 65, "Recipe for a Great Breakfast"

The Recipe for a Great Breakfast:

1 morning, chilled (this will bring out the cozy flavor) A heaping amount of time 2 cups orange juice 1 online recipe for made-from-scratch pancakes 1 husband, whose been gone for 3 months 1 wife, whose birthday has not been celebrated yet 1 table of spoons, forks, and plates 10 tsp of TSP (talking, sleeping, playing) 3/4 of the weekend remaining
Combine ingredients together and mix well. Whisk away to a special location if desired. You will instantly have an amazing breakfast to enjoy!

Magical Moment 64, "The Improbable Star"

I went to the Broadway musical “Chicago” last night, one I’ve wanted to see for a while. I wanted to go a few weeks ago when Ashlee Simpson played the lead role of Roxy to see if what kind of talent she really had, but I missed out. Instead, Michelle Williams from Destiny’s Child played the role, and she sang and danced brilliantly, as I expected.I’ve seen 4 shows on Broadway since I’ve been here and every time, I have the same routine. I arrive early, get my Playbill, sit in my seat, and feverishly read every page word for word. I count how many actors are in their Broadway debut and get nervous for them. I count how many names I recognize from a previous show. I find the lowest name on the cast list and think how lucky even that person is. I read the understudies, the scene setting, the choreographer, and song list. And then I go to the very bottom of the page, in the tiny, squished, brief paragraph and read the names of the musicians down in the orchestra pit. Unlike the movie vers…

Magical Moment 63, "If I Die Before You Wake"

April is a month full of promise, new life, and change. And no matter what is going on in my life this time of year, my mind always drifts to thoughts of my friend, Kevin Gaspers. We were cadets together at UNL, as well as good friends. Throughout those 4 years of ROTC, our class was about as tight knit as we could be and we spent nearly every waking moment together. And as if spending Monday through Fridays together weren’t enough, we spent every Sunday night at the Plamor Ballroom, 2-stepping and swing dancing the night away. To this day, every time I hear a Chris Ledoux song, I remember how excited Kevin got, a scarce moment in his laid-back demeanor. He and I shared the same birthday and celebrated together every year we could. He chewed tobacco and one year, I bought him a can of skoal, put a candle on top of it, and told him it was his birthday cake. He said it was the best cake he ever got.
Our senior year, Kevin was at the top of the class, earning the position of Cadet Battali…

Magical Moment 62, "From the Sky"

I always thought fall was the most beautiful time of the year. The vibrant, colored leaves that fell from from the trees at times were so numerous, it seemed like a rain shower of leaves. They settled on the ground, spread out like a grand carpet for all to walk over. People after all, drive for miles to see the east coast fall colors. Nothing is more beautiful than colorful, falling leaves.
And then the first snow fell, and I thought this must be the prettiest season. Glistening, large flakes descended peacefully from the sky. Smooth, crystal white snow evenly covered all surfaces. Nothing is more beautiful than falling snow.
And now spring is here and as I walk underneath the blooming cherry blossom and dogwood trees, the softest wind can blow the fragile petals from their limbs, showering the earth. When a large gust blows an entire row of the trees, there is nothing more beautiful than falling petals, swirling to the ground, emitting a heavenly scent.
When summer arrives, I know I …

Magical Moment 61, "You Want Me"

You Want Me" is one of the very first songs I wrote that I was actually proud of. I took it to the Nashville Songwriter's Festival in June of 2008 and got some great feedback from songwriter, Turk Wilder. To see a video, scroll down. I hope you enjoy it!
"You Want Me" words and music by Elizabeth Grimes Copyright 2009 Let me catch you Stealing a glance And letting it linger A moment more than you should have. Then touch my hand By accident, baby And give me that smile That makes me think maybe…
You want me, don’t you baby? You want me like I’m hoping, Then show me.
I’m tired of guessing. I lose sleep at night Analyzing your actions, Praying I’m right. I’d wait forever If I was sure you cared. But it’s taking you so long, Frankly I’m scared.

You want me, don’t you baby? You want me like I’m hoping, Then show me
Find a way to be close to me. Fall all over yourself just to be near me!
When you’re not around I can feel my heart sinking. You want me here too. Say it’s not wishful thinking.

You wan…

Magical Moment 60, "Waiting For Me"

A long weary day is over at last. I hurry home, driving too fast. A disheartening thought, now I drive slow. In such a hurry, but nowhere to go.
For when I arrive, no one is there To ask about my day or show me they care. He is gone away, this love of mine. Not to return again for some time.
What use is there to rush on home Only to find I’ll be there alone? But at the door sits a card and a rose And poem with words carefully chose.
The rooms don’t feel quite so bear When someone far away shows they care. How silly and foolish I must be. He’ll always be there, waiting for me.

Magical Moment 59, "Joy and the Easter Bunny"

This Easter morning, I woke up to perfect weather, an amazing sunrise, and a row of blooming cherry blossom trees outside the hotel blowing the scent of fresh flowers through the open window. Eddie and I would pack up, share a quick meal, then head back to New Jersey and North Carolina after our impromptu weekend in Winchester, VA. I took my dog, Joy out for her morning walk and admired the scenery in full. The sun was just rising behind the row of cherry blossoms, sending bright rays of light through the black, silhouetted branches. The sky was mostly purple, blanketed in white and gray wispy clouds.
I circled the building and came back around towards the front where I saw a man and wife empty their mini van of 2 small children and loads of baggage. One of the little girls was crying inconsolably. Being it was 7 a.m., I assumed they drove all night and the little girl was just waking from a restless, uncomfortable sleep in her car seat. Her mother tried to cheer up by explaining that …