Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Magical Moment 62, "From the Sky"

I always thought fall was the most beautiful time of the year. The vibrant, colored leaves that fell from from the trees at times were so numerous, it seemed like a rain shower of leaves. They settled on the ground, spread out like a grand carpet for all to walk over. People after all, drive for miles to see the east coast fall colors. Nothing is more beautiful than colorful, falling leaves.

And then the first snow fell, and I thought this must be the prettiest season. Glistening, large flakes descended peacefully from the sky. Smooth, crystal white snow evenly covered all surfaces. Nothing is more beautiful than falling snow.

And now spring is here and as I walk underneath the blooming cherry blossom and dogwood trees, the softest wind can blow the fragile petals from their limbs, showering the earth. When a large gust blows an entire row of the trees, there is nothing more beautiful than falling petals, swirling to the ground, emitting a heavenly scent.

When summer arrives, I know I will be stunned by its’ beauty as well. The lush, green grass, the warm sun, and an occasional thunderstorm. What could be more beautiful than cool rain, falling from the sky to quench the earth?

One thing is for certain however, beauty and wonder fall year round, like blessings from the sky.

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Debbie said...

All seasons are beautiful in their own way, but what a wonderful way of words to describe them, I love reading your blog everyday.