Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Magical Moment 613, "Monstera Deliciosa"

First of all, congrats to Jayne from Suburban Soliloquy for winning the CD give-away! And thank you to all who entered!

There are always discoveries to be made at Thomas Edison National Park, where my husband is a Park Ranger. My favorite building on the property however, is the old Greenhouse, which is kept up by a local volunteer garden club.  In just 7 years, they've re-created the original beauty as it was years ago in Thomas Edison's Day. 

There are plants from all over the world, cultivated and cared for, with the patience that only a true gardener can possess. I am no gardener, and I've never had a green thumb. But the Greenhouse is so special to me, that I wanted to offer what I could to help out. There is much to be learned in the world of gardening!

The newest discovery I learned of, is a plant called Monstera Deliciosa. It's a tropical plant that can grow up to 20 meters high and produces a muy deliciosa fruit. One of these fruits fell from its branch the other day and I was allowed to take it home until it ripened. 

It's about the size and shape of a corn cob

These green scales pop open to reveal the fruit inside

This is the edible part of the fruit

It was quite tasty, reminding me of a mixture of pineapple and banana, which may be why one of its' nicknames is the Fruit Cocktail Plant. Yes, the Monstera Deliciosa is monsterously delicious. :)

"There are certain things anybody can plant - sweet P's in a straight row, for instance: prayer, patience, peace, passion. But it's not enough for a gardener to love flowers. A gardener also must hate weeds. As good plants grow, you must pinch off bitter ones like panic, paranoia, and passivity. And by the way, while gardening, do squash pride. And please, lettuce love one another at all times."
-Barbara Johnson


Other treasures from Thomas Edison's Greenhouse:


DJan said...

The Barbara Johnson quote is a good one, not just for today, but every day. And I've never heard of one of those plants before! A cross between banana and pineapple? Intriguing!

Daniel LaFrance said...

How cool is that! I never heard of it before now. I'm trying to imagine the taste you described.

Linda said...

What an interesting fruit, and one I've never heard of before. I'm wondering...did it grow in Thomas Edison's greenhouse in his day?

TexWisGirl said...

congrats to your winner! and that 'fruit' looks neat!

Busy Bee Suz said...

This really looks beautiful and amazing!!!! Can I grow one????
Have you ever visited Edison's winter house in Fort Myers? It is amazing...the gardens are divine too!

If you ever go, call me and I'll meet you there!

Steve Gravano said...

I had to look it up to see where it's from. That's one interesting fruit.

Leonora said...

What an amazing fruit! It looks like it would be fun to eat and the taste you describe sounds tropically delicious.

ds said...

That is one cool fruit! How did Edison come to grow it?

Michael Manning said...

A fascinating post that in some ways reminds me of a tour I took at Frank Llloyd Wright's home here in Phoenix!

Jayne said...

And I am delighted as heck--can't wait for the arrival of your CD! Thank you, Elizabeth. :)

That fruit looks so monastery exotic. Such and intense, ferocious green! Isn't it wonderful to be able to taste something so foreign and good? The banana/pineapple combination sound so refreshing.

Barbara Johnson--beautiful. Must remember to pinch. ;)

laughwithusblog said...

I would love to taste it!!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

whoa, so cool to learn about that pretty green fruit!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

This is so interesting...I never heard of that plant

Hilary said...

Well you learn something new every day. Fascinating fruit. Next time you come to Toronto, smuggle one across the border. ;)

Rick said...

What an interesting plant - never saw one before. And it sounds delicious ! We've discovered some different fruit down here in Florida too that we don't normally see back home. Will have to go to Edison's winter home nearby soon.

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