Sunday, June 12, 2011

Magical Moment 493, "Searching for Fauna"

Well, my husband has been keeping track of Fauna for me - the 3 week old fawn he discovered at the park where he works as a National Park Ranger. I've seen her twice now and I went back today to try and spot her a 3rd time. I had no such luck, but there are so many neat things around, I always have fun taking pictures of random things!

Eddie did see her last night with her mother...nursing! I told Eddie from now he has to carry the camera with him to work!

This deer stood in an open meadow with me in plain sight about 50 yards away. He didn't seem frightened at all, in fact, he went back to eating grass without glancing at me again. He hung out for a long time until...

Somebody (we won't say who), scared him off!

Perhaps we'll see Fauna again soon. Of course, if I do get close to her again, I won't bring Joy the dog...I mean somebody the dog.