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Magical Moment 494, "There'll Always Be Another"

You know that saying, "A day late and a dollar short?" That describes how I feel most of the time. Whether I'm running late for work because I'm stuck in nightmare traffic somewhere in northern New Jersey, or because paying gigs are far and few between, I always feel like I'm running to catch up. And I like to run. But the thing is, if you do a lot of it, you get tired.

One stressful day, I found myself scurrying to the corner bus in heels, to catch the 164 into the city for a music session. It was hot. I didn't have a phone number to call and say I was behind. And every thing was compounded by the expected scrutiny that comes with being a musician. The job ended up fine. They were late too. It was easy, fun. Worried for nothing.

The stress in my shoulders relaxed a little as I headed for thePort Authority bus terminal to go back home. I leaned against the wall of the escalator, closing my eyes for a moment. When I opened them, I saw that my bus had just completed loading passengers and was about to depart. I once again raced for the closing doors and made it just in the nick of time. I took my seat next to a gentlemen who offered me an unsolicited piece of advise. And I was stunned at its obvious, applicable truth. "You know what I say? Never run for a bus. There'll always be another."

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Dawn said…
I love that..."there'll always be another"!!! I have to remember this! For the next time...
Hilary said…
Wise advice, indeed.
I like your attitude, another day! You have a lot of stress, hope it gets better...
Rick said…
Ah yes, do not worry - for who can add a minute to their lives by worrying and creating stress for themselves (a bit of a paraphrase of a text we'd all do well to remember).

Wise gentleman you encountered.

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