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Magical Moment 495, "Betsy Ross"

Today is Flag Day, as well as the birthday of the U.S. Army. I found this pencil drawing that I did back in high school, the date on the back is February 12, 2001 (thanks mom for keeping all my old crap and forcing me to take it back someday). I drew this before thoughts of serving in the Army ever entered my mind, but love of country was always there.

I like to draw, though I've never done anything more ambitious than simple pencil drawings like this one. I also recall looking off a picture out of a magazine to guide me, but I can't remember the original artist (so if anyone out there knows...). I think it was originally a painting, and the ladies were inside a cabin of some sort.

Betsy Ross helped during the American Revolutionary War to repair uniforms and make tents for the Continental Army. She is credited with creating the first American Flag. Even at a very young age, I remember feeling very proud to see and hear about a woman who contributed so much to history, and also feeling disappointed that history didn't name more of them. I know they were there.

So Happy Flag Day! And Happy Birthday, U.S Army!  
Fly your flag proudly, and show your love for country - whichever country that may be!



TexWisGirl said…
oh, that's a beautiful drawing! how wonderful that your mom saved it so it could live to tell another tale! :)
Elizabeth! You're a woman of many talents. That drawing is lovely, and your mother was very wise to keep it. What other treasures do you have lying around?
Rick said…
Nice work, Elizabeth ! Another side of your creativity.

I still have a drawer full of 'stuff' our kids made, from way back. Some day they'll probably go through it and toss it, but for now we remember and smile.

Happy flag day (ours is Feb. 15).
Anonymous said…
Wow, you are one multi-talented lady ... We don't have a "flag day" in South Africa, although flags are flown, swung, and waved with much gusto at soccer and rugby matches almost weekly.

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