Sunday, March 14, 2010

Magical Moment 38, "One Rose"

"One Rose" is a song I wrote about my grandma and grandpa after my grandpa passed away. This is a true story that my grandma told me. Sorry, there is no recording available on line to listen to, but I hope you enjoy the lyrics. 
One Rose by Elizabeth Grimes Copyright 2009

I know a man, quiet as can be.
Rake and a rambler once was he.
I know a girl so patient and smart,
beautiful and sweet, she softened his stone heart.

After working one long day, she greeted him.
And he said to her, his bride through thick and thin,
He began softly for he seldom spoke.
Then from behind his back, he handed her a rose.

“One rose means one true love.
And Shirley, you’re mine.” Was all he said with love in his eyes.

The church bells rang one fall Sunday.
And the man fought hard, but he slipped away.
She wept in her garden for her man,
Then kissed his cheek and placed a rose in his hand.

“One rose means one true love.
And surely, you’re mine.” Was all she said with tears in her eyes.