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Showing posts from March 14, 2010

Magical Moment 44, "A Turn of Events"

Last night, I expected to perform a song in a crowded banquet hall for a video taped tribute to Haiti to be later aired on PBS. It didn’t quite turn out that way.
In preparation for the evening, I practiced for 2 days singing and playing the song, “Imagine” by John Lennon. I wanted the beauty of the original song, but with a unique flare to the arrangement. I tried on every dress and skirt ensemble in my closet trying to match the definition of the attire for the evening – Elegant, Comfortable. (???!!!?) I finally decided on a simple, but sophisticated chocolate brown dress, a chunky necklace, and Nineweststrappy heels (which later tried to kill me that night as I got lost in Time Square heading back to Port Authority).
However, when I arrived at the show, the woman in charge met me with some bad news. The host backed out at the last second and the show would be canceled, but dinner would be served to whoever chose to stay. Although disappointed, I volunteered to play while people ate.…

Magical Moment 43, "Harry Will Be Home"

She gently knocked on the door, unsure of what to expect on her first day of work. It was only for a few hours, but the responsibility was great and she hoped to get along well and make a good first impression. “Come in,” she heard an older lady’s shaky voice call. Slowly she opened the door, first poking in her head then cautiously entering. She smiled warmly at the old lady and in her happiest, most energetic voice she said, “Hello! It’s nice to meet you. You have a lovely home.”
Suddenly, she was terribly relieved that the first encounter had gone well. What a sweet old lady, talkative and active. They found plenty to keep them busy that afternoon. First they walked down the block to a garage sale. Then the old lady explained her collection of thimbles – one from every place she and Harry visited in their 63 years of marriage. They even played a hand of cards at the kitchen table. “Well ma’am,” she began, “Why don’t you take your medication and I’ll make us some supper?”
The old lad…

Magical Moment 42, "An Air Defense Coincidence"

Things like grocery shopping, laundry, and eating are big disruptions of my day. I complete them in as little time possible so that I can get back to finishing whatever outlandish goal I’ve set for myself that day. They’re all distractions until I can get back to my real life of music.
It’s like my last year in the Army when I really began to set my sights on a music career. Instead of eating at lunch, I would run to my car and speed all the way home. Once I was home, I would spend 20 minutes or so frantically recording one of my songs, then get in the car and speed all the way back to work. Later I would grab some chips and a soda out of the vending machine. Since I’ve moved here, I’ve basically had a one-track mind. Everything that’s not music related is a distraction, even a hindrance.
I tore through the grocery store the other day, stalking up on bare essentials (Lean Cuisines, cereal, and eggs) so I wouldn’t have to come back to that awful place for as long as possible. At the ch…

Magical Moment 41, "Spring, is that you?"

I don’t remember what the ground hog said in February. There's one in Punxsutawney and one on Long Island and they often disagree. I know there are branches, even entire trees still laid across the sidewalk and residents without power from the storm last weekend. But, I think spring might be here today. Today is the first day I’ve ever taken my dog, Joy, outside without my big, heavy black coat. It’s the first day since I’ve moved here that I feel like the sky is blue, the sun is shining, and the birds are chirping.
It’s difficult moving to a brand new area, especially New York City, in the freezing cold. I’ve only known the city covered in snow or in bitterly cold temperatures. I’ve only walked its’ streets while shivering uncontrollably. I’ve only worn my “night-out-best” outfits covered with a bulky coat and hair-flattening hat.
I’m eager to visit the city and see it the way it’s meant to be seen; festivals, Central Park, the Zoo, and I’m really excited to go on a running tour of…

Magical Moment 40, "Another Train"

Last summer, I was in my hometown of Lincoln, NE eating lunch with my mother and grandma at the Lincoln Foundation Garden – a cozy downtown garden square where during the summer, local artist perform at lunch hour. Employees pack a brown bag lunch and emerge from their offices in suits and skirts to enjoy the music and scenery. It’s also where my mom used to take my older sister and I after swimming lessons at the YWCA and the library to buy us rainbow popcorn when we were little girls.
That particular day, we were in for a treat. A charming acapella group called the Baby Needs Shoes Trio was performing energetic renditions of the Andrew Sisters songs as well as some quirky, comedic songs about the ups and downs of womanhood, making the audience smile and keeping us happily entertained. They began a slower, more serious song and it soon caught my attention. In fact, I suddenly hung on every word and could not take my eyes off them.
They were slightly older ladies, one even made several …

Magical Moment 39, "Belt It"

I've started the process to complete a lifelong dream. I know it will be a long time before it's finished, as well as challenging and expensive. I am recording an album. I have dozens of my songs recorded on my Mac with me playing the part of every instrument on my midi keyboard, but I know that if I want this album to be a true success, it must be the highest level of professional.
Because the average cost of recording a full length album at the industry standard is on average about $30,000, my first step is obviously to raise funds. Thankfully, I was introduced to a website ( where people from all over the world can search artists who they believe have true potential and can support them financially. I have no romantic ideas about how this will work. I know years may pass before I reach my financial goal and even after it is reached, I know that a CD release is a gamble. But I’m optimistic. So many doors have been opened to lead me to this point and …

Magical Moment 38, "One Rose"

"One Rose" is a song I wrote about my grandma and grandpa after my grandpa passed away. This is a true story that my grandma told me. Sorry, there is no recording available on line to listen to, but I hope you enjoy the lyrics.  One Rose by Elizabeth Grimes Copyright 2009
I know a man, quiet as can be. Rake and a rambler once was he. I know a girl so patient and smart, beautiful and sweet, she softened his stone heart.
After working one long day, she greeted him. And he said to her, his bride through thick and thin, He began softly for he seldom spoke. Then from behind his back, he handed her a rose.

“One rose means one true love. And Shirley, you’re mine.” Was all he said with love in his eyes.

The church bells rang one fall Sunday. And the man fought hard, but he slipped away. She wept in her garden for her man, Then kissed his cheek and placed a rose in his hand.

“One rose means one true love. And surely, you’re mine.” Was all she said with tears in her eyes.