Sunday, August 21, 2011

Magical Moment 561, "My Street Corner"

While I was growing up, my dad began his own construction company. It really started to flourish when I was in elementary school, and I truly believed my dad was famous. After all, we had hats, jackets, even beer coozies with the Daugherty Construction logo on it. And I still remember hearing the catchy jingle from the TV commercial that had me convinced we were celebrities, "Daugherty you can depend on."

At one point, he developed and built homes for practically an entire neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska. And because several new streets were constructed, my dad got to name them. Three of the streets were named after his 3 daughters: Regina, Mary, and Erica (my first name is Mary, though I go by my middle, and 'Elizabeth Street' was already taken). I've always been pretty proud of having my own street name and proud of my dad's company. It's been years since I've driven by "my" street, but my mom took pictures recently so I thought I'd share.

The 3 sisters: Me, Regina, Erica
*Photo by Frank Ekeler