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Magical Moment 565, "Joy and the Tree: The Saga Continues"

Once upon a time, there was a happy little dog named Joy. She discovered a nearby tree that provided hours of entertainment. It seemed, when she ran in a circle around the tree, the end of her leash was always within a step or two. If she could just run a tad faster, she might catch it. She never did...

It became her daily challenge, "Must catch the end of my leash!" Until one day, her tree was buried deep in the snow.

Undeterred, she found a nearby telephone pole that made a fine substitute.

When the snow melted, she was again reunited with her beloved tree. And then, one day as she sprinted towards her tree, anticipating the fun and excitement she would soon experience chasing her leash around it, she was greeted with...mulch.

Crestfallen and dismayed, she sniffed the ground, hoping for her tree to reappear some how, some way. And just when I thought the saga of the tree was over...Joy noticed a street sign sticking up from the ground. Yep. You just can't keep a good dog down. She didn't even need her leash for this one, just her tail it seems.



TexWisGirl said…
oh, what a sweet and precious dog! and silly and fun and beautiful. :) her name fits.
Linda said…
Don't you wonder what is going through her mind sometimes? It had to be confusing for her to find her tree missing. Maybe she thinks it just took a step to the side and lost weight. :)
Robin Malherbe said…
Ah, I love the tree stories but ssd to see it's now gone. Joy looks like a dog that must bring you endless hours of it. Laughed at Linda's comment too!
you know something? you put together the most AWESOME posts, what a treat :) btw--project STINKIN' LINCOLN is a success, pics later!
This is sweet but sad that her tree was gone...she did find a sign. Determined.
Busy Bee Suz said…
This is so cute. She is such a funny girl; determined too!
holdingmoments said…
Great post. That had me smiling. She looks like she's having such fun too.
Rick said…
Hilarious post, Elizabeth. Amazing how dogs can become so fixated (just ask us about our - now departed - border collie and tennis balls or frisbees !).
Hilary said…
You're dog is nuts! And I say that with the utmost love and respect for crazy little dogs - one of which lives with me part time and is a pure joy to know. Her name suits her. She and Benny would make each other crazy(er). ;)

LOL at Linda's remark.

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