Sunday, February 27, 2011

Magical Moment 388, "The Unobvious Beauty"

Do you ever get frustrated with where you are? Do you ever feel jealous of the people who live near mountains, or ocean, or lush, vibrant pastures? A few days ago, I spent some time in Thomas Edison's Greenhouse, taking pictures of the stunning flowers. I went back today and I found even more beauty to inspire me. This time, it had very little to do with the blooms of the prize winning orchids. 

I discovered that a single drop of water, contains as much beauty as an entire ocean.

I noticed that this tiny, little orange had fallen from its tree branch into this watering can. I couldn't imagine an orchard being much lovelier.

One petal fell. And it rested lightly above the earth, casting its gentle shadow. 

I wouldn't have thought a New Jersey Sunset could look so stunning behind the smoky, steamy window panes of an old greenhouse.

It takes slightly more effort to notice this kind of unobvious beauty, but it makes me thankful for where I am and what I see. And it makes me want to notice and appreciate the unobvious beauty in other things: music, my family, food, and the sounds and smells of every day life. Thank you Lord, for surrounding me with beauty.

Some more about Thomas Edison: