Sunday, April 4, 2010

Magical Moment 59, "Joy and the Easter Bunny"

This Easter morning, I woke up to perfect weather, an amazing sunrise, and a row of blooming cherry blossom trees outside the hotel blowing the scent of fresh flowers through the open window. Eddie and I would pack up, share a quick meal, then head back to New Jersey and North Carolina after our impromptu weekend in Winchester, VA. I took my dog, Joy out for her morning walk and admired the scenery in full. The sun was just rising behind the row of cherry blossoms, sending bright rays of light through the black, silhouetted branches. The sky was mostly purple, blanketed in white and gray wispy clouds.

I circled the building and came back around towards the front where I saw a man and wife empty their mini van of 2 small children and loads of baggage. One of the little girls was crying inconsolably. Being it was 7 a.m., I assumed they drove all night and the little girl was just waking from a restless, uncomfortable sleep in her car seat. Her mother tried to cheer up by explaining that today was Easter and maybe the Easter bunny came. This thought was devastating to the little girl, however and she erupted with even more heart-wrenching cries about how the Easter bunny came to their house, not the hotel. Although her parents tried to reason with her, their comfort would have no effect on the little girl’s sorrow.

Just as Joy and I began to make our way back to the front door, Joy froze. She did this when she saw a squirrel or a bird to chase. I looked around to find what she saw and discovered it was a bunny. What luck! She slowly made her move towards the unsuspecting bunny, then suddenly took off, full speed ahead. I let go of her leash so she could have total freedom to chase the bunny. She chased the cotton-tailed critter back down the side of the building, barking and causing a spectacle enough for the new family to take notice of the commotion. Soon Joy grew tired, as she always does, and gave up. She trotted back to me with her pink leash dragging behind her.

Joy’s defeat turned into a victory for the struggling parents trying to ease their little girl’s grief. “Look!” They shouted, “There’s the Easter Bunny!” He just left the hotel!” This seemed to please the little girl and suddenly, she smiled through her tears. She even giggled and pointed as the bunny hopped into the distance. The parents exchanged subtle glances of relief as they continued to gather their belongings and make their way to their room. I patted Joy on the head and praised her as we walked back inside. She had saved the day.

He is not here: for he is risen, as he said. Come, see the place where the Lord lay. -Matthew 28:6


Anneliese said...

I love this! Happy Easter and God Bless!

Debbie said...

I loved this story, Happy Easter and drive safely home! Glad that you took that drive to spend time with Eddie and that you were together on Easter.