Sunday, January 23, 2011

Magical Moment 353, "Your Letter"

I had a nice, unexpected, and long overdue surprise today. Inspiration to write a song! I haven't done much writing in the last year because I've been so focused on recording. In fact, I haven't even thought about trying to write music lately. But today, I have no idea how or why, but the first line of this chorus popped into my head and suddenly I thought, "I have to write that song!" Maybe it's because I've been de-cluttering the house lately and throwing stuff away. Maybe it's because I watched the movie, Letters to Juliet last night. But somehow, this idea implanted itself into my brain, I caught some wind in my sails, and I actually finished it in one day. It's a little rough around the edges, but here is my proud work for the day! 

"Your Letter" by Elizabeth Grimes 1/23/11

Verse 1:
I knew the moment that we ended, I could see it all over your eyes,
I could tell you were pretending that my tears weren’t killing you inside.
So regrets and all of those last words that you never had the courage to say
They all came out after, in a tear stained and wrinkled way.

I’m glad I threw away your letter. Or else it coulda got the better of me.
There’ve been times I wish I kept it. But I know that ain’t the best place to be.
So I threw it away, like you threw me away.
Now the words being heard are the ones that I say

Verse 2:

There was a time I read it often. Kept it close like the blanket of a child.
Gave me hope, kept me safe, it was soft and I clung with all my might for a while.
But once I learned I could walk I found that it was holding me down.
I never saw a bird fly or soar without leaving the ground.

I didn’t burn it cuz I don’t feel spite.
I didn’t shred it cuz I don’t feel hate.
I just wadded it up, tossed inside, then turned and walked away.
Remember when you walked away?


Anonymous said...

is this something that happened to you or its from the movie in someway?

Valencia said...

You have a unique style ~ your words & music are exceptional. "Your Letter" will surely hit the charts. I "LIKE"!

Anonymous said...

hmmm she most likely wrote it from experience. why do people air out their dirty laundry in songs? it always sounds like rambling and whining. this song doesn't sound like that but i'm just asking.Dont you hate songs you sing about a lover than you have a new one and it would make them cringe to hear you sing about that other person?

Eddie said...

:) I love your beautiful songs. This is another one of many. I especially like your piano solos and your heartfelt lyrics. I can't wait until your second album comes out and the first one is not even done yet! I love you.

Anonymous said...

Your beautiful songs have a way of striking a nerve. Music is a powerful thing. xo

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Anonymous, probably a collection of many things I've experienced in my life.

Grandma, thank you! Love you bunches.

Anonymous, I disagree. I think those songs have the potential to be the most powerful and beautiful. Real musicians and artists are able to tap into deep emotions that come from either personal experience or empathizing with others. Thankfully I have a supportive husband who understands this.

Eddie, love you too.

Anonymous, thanks. Glad you like it. xo

Anonymous said...

so does that mean an artist,such as yourself,holds on to feelings for another man so when you think about them you write a song about the past? i'm not being negative,just asking. i mean you say your husband is supportive but why hold on to the past with an ex and write about them? Shouldn't we move forward and write about here and now and not linger on the negative? btw,you sound good in the beginning of the song,it pulls you to listen in. your other songs sound too soft this one your louder and stronger.

ds said...


Elizabeth Grimes said...

Anonymous, perhaps if you'd like to discuss this more, you could message me privately. Thanks.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Ds, Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I listened to this song the other day to enjoy and then again to absorb. And seeing some of the comments that Anonymous has written, I can't help but disagree with his/her opinion. I can relate to the song. I like to think that I've grown and learned things from my past. It definitely shapes the type of person I am today. I see nothing wrong capturing them in some form or fashion--of remembering that pain but even more importantly, learning how to pick up and move on.
Love your music, Beth!! One of my favorites!!!


Digital Flower Pictures said...

I loved your song. It would be nice to hear it with some light drums and a bass.

Steve Gravano said...

Nice piece. I always have to listen to some songs a few times before I know how I feel about them. I definitely enjoyed it!
The comments are funny to read. Break-up songs, past lovers and love gone bad have to be the three all time biggest topics in songwriting history. Not that I'm any expert on the topic, but I'd think if you want to write from the heart, the heart has had to had the experience. It just couldn't connect with listeners any other way.