Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Magical Moment 619, "Today is the Day!!!"

A common goal for any musician/singer/songwriter, is to record an album of their very own. I didn't realize how daunting of a task this would be when I set out to do just that 2 years ago. The songs were already written...how hard could it be to find a studio, producer, audio engineer, musicians, graphic designers, photographers, public relations specialist, cd duplication and distributors? Turns out, very. Yes, it quite a learning experience with steep curve. But I'm proud to say, that it's officially complete and ready for sale!

The album, "Silk in the Sky" is a 10 track album, 9 of which are originals. They are a collection of my personal favorite songs. I would categorize the genre as adult contemporary. It's very easy to listen to, with a touch of jazz, blues, and folk thrown in...and one Jewish lullaby for good measure. 

Here are the ways you can purchase the album:

1. Digital download of the entire album is available on amazon for only $6.99!
2. Digital download is also available on iTunes for $9.90.

If you prefer a hard copy and the use of paypal, 

3. You can visit ebay:
4. It will be on cdbaby.com  by April 12th
5. Or you can always e-mail me and I'll be happy to slip a copy in the mail for you. :)

You can listen to track samples at the above sites, if you like what you hear, I would be so grateful for your support in purchasing the album! Recommend it to your family and friends as well! There's my big plug. :)

A special thanks to Modern Vintage Recordings, especially to Jason Cummings, a remarkably talented engineer/producer who worked with me so patiently every step of the way and brought his ideas and expertise to the project in ways I could never have imagined!

My parents deserve so much thanks. They've completely supported every hair brained idea I've ever got into my head and do anything possible to help me reach my goals. My 2 beautiful grandmas, Mary and Shirley, are the most encouraging grandmas a person could ask for and I'm so happy to have them as a part of my life and as such an inspiration to me. And my sisters, Erica and Regina, and my best friend Deb, have always been my biggest cheering section! Of course, I would likely never be here at all if it weren't for Eddie. I may have given up long ago if not for his patient encouragement, and his help in figuring all this crazy stuff out with me! He's made my dreams as important as his very own, and for that I'll be forever grateful. 

I'm so full of thankfulness right now and can't wait to see what the future brings, and what new goals I'll set! Thanks to all the readers who have faithfully read about this long journey as I've blogged about it. The first post about recording an album was back on July 15, 2010! (Optimistic Gamble). I don't know what I would do without you!

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."
-Pamela Vaull Starr


Anonymous said...

Congratulations - so excited for you! I hope it sells beyond your wildest dreams!

Hilary said...

Yay! Congrats to you, my friend.

As proud owner of my very own copy of this CD, so kindly delivered to me by the artist herself (top that Amazon!), I can vouch that it's a beautiful collection of music created and presented by the lovely Elizabeth.

May the next "crazy stuff" that you and your sweet Eddie have to figure out is how to keep up with countless sales.

ds said...

Yippee!! Well done, Elizabeth. Of course I am going to nab a copy of this for myself. Can't wait.

Hope your sales go through the roof!

TexWisGirl said...

oh, congratulations, elizabeth! and i'm laughing at hilary's comment. some people have connections... :)

Linda said...

Congratulations, Elizabeth...and Eddie! Wishing you every success.

Bossy Betty said...

What a wonderful accomplishment! Congratulations!

Jayne said...

Hooray! And may I say, I've got it! And it's filled with beautiful song and glorious inspiration! How fortunate for you, Elizabeth, to have such supporting loving people in your life. You made your dream come true. And I thank you and everyone else who encouraged and helped you along this road to your dreams. We have some beautiful new music in the world! :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Wow, what an exciting accomplishment and a day to remember !

Gary's third pottery blog said...

OH wowie indeed, and what a fantastic cover picture, in the old church!

Busy Bee Suz said...

I am beyond thrilled for you! This is just an amazing feat.
I went the Ebay route...I like something IN my hands!
I can't wait until my little gem arrives!

Leontien said...

Whooooo Congratulations!!!!
And YES i tweeted it sooo, hmmm maybe somebody will check it out!

I got a new phone so i can defiantly go to the I tunes tonight and download it (well if i can figure it out that is... hehe)

I hope lots and LOTS of people gonna love your music!

Big hugs

Michael Manning said...

I love hearing about parents who fully support their children's ambitions. What an accomplishment, Elizabeth! I have a friend in New York who worked over three years on her CD. My Best!!!! :)

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Congrats!!! This is great news...I love the cover of the album...Hope it is a chart topper!

Daniel LaFrance said...

Congratulations! You are well on your way to stardom. :)

Unknown Mami said...

Congratulations! You look stunning on the cover. Looking forward to giving it a listen.

Rick said...

Congrats Elizabeth ! I'm sure this is going to be a success, with your dedication, drive, and talent ! May this be followed by many more.

I'll check it out once we get back home.

Frank Baron said...

Congrats. I hope it does well. :)

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