Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Magical Moment 446, "The First Snowfall of Spring"

It's time for that annual change in season. Time for that day when you look outside and you see a tiny flake flutter down from the sky and gently land on the undisturbed, green grass. And you get that twinge of excitement and anticipation.

So you dress, weather-appropriate, and go outside to experience the falling flakes. You giggle when they land on your nose and eye-lashes and try to catch them in your hands.

Eventually, the ground is full of the substance. Before you get in your car, you have to clean your windshield. You have to sweep it from your walk way. The streets must be cleared as well.

Perhaps it can be a nuissance, but it's just so lovely that you stand back to admire it.

What can you do, but surrender to the season change? Because before you know it, it will change again.