Friday, April 29, 2011

Magical Moment 449, "My Royal Haircut"

With the Royal Wedding today (and I don't mean the Fred Astaire version), there has been no escaping the hype. And I don't really mind it either. In fact one of the first things I did this morning was check online to see photos of Princess Katherine's dress. Like many people, I was reminded of Princess Diana and though I wasn't around for that wedding, I do have one memory from my early childhood involving her. 

I'm certain that most parents of girls go through the nightmare of brushing their daughter's hair every morning. My mother was no exception and when I was in 3rd grade, she had enough of my unruly tangles and took me for a hair cut. It ended up being very...short. And to reassure me, my mother told me it was a hair cut like Princess Diana. A Princess! Wow, that was really exciting for a little girl. Unfortunately, I don't think I had any real reference as to who Princess Diana was, let alone what her hair looked like.

Well, short hair looks lovely on her. But on a boyish little girl (who after this haircut was mistaken more than once for an actual little boy!), it's maybe not the best look. So here, only a few short days after my "Princess" haircut, we had school pictures taken. Yep. I've never been able to live this one down.

Scroll down.

Here it is.

Wait for it.

And there you have it!

I can't even bring myself to make the photo size "large" like in every other photo I post on this blog! I guess everyone has one...a school picture that makes you roll your eyes and wish you could make it disappear forever. Naturally the thing to do is put it on the internet for all to see and laugh at! Funny how after all these years however, I still have short hair. I think I've grown into a bit better, though I'm still no Princess Di.

I'm sure the wedding today was beautiful, but I still wouldn't trade my lovely, intimate day for anything. (This one I'll make large!)

I was having a good hair day that day!