Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Magical moment 145, "The Hunt"

Two hunters made their way through a jungle of stone, equipped with all the supplies needed to locate their target. They had been searching for days in the unbearable heat, with the sun relentlessly beating down and showing them no mercy. They rested, only briefly at a local watering hole, before continuing their pursuit.

Soon the hunters came to the known territory of their hunted. Their senses suddenly heightened when they became aware of its nearby presence. They squinted hard into the distance searching for its shape and turned their heads, cupping their ears while straining to hear its call. “Sh! I hear it.” One hunter said. “Is that it?” He pointed to the horizon. The targets wore excellent camouflage and blended into their surroundings with ease. “No,” the other hunter replied. “That’s a dumpster,” she said.

They stepped cautiously, knowing it could make itself known at any moment. The hunters were no stranger to this game. An amateur would think it was easy to find, given the small geographical area it’s confined to. But the hunters knew better. And suddenly out of nowhere, just like many times before, it made its distinct, unmistakable call. “There! Behind those trees.” They ran towards the sound and as they made their way to the clearing, there it was in plain sight, out in the open for all to see and interact with. The piano. “Sheesh, it’s about time,” said one hunter, “We’ve been wandering around Central Park for hours now.”

We have only 6 pianos left to see for Sing for Hope’s Play Me, I’m Yours project!!! Should be complete by tomorrow or Thursday at the latest.
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