Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Magical Moment 180, "I Auditioned For American Idol and all I Got was this Beer Coozie"

Yesterday morning as I casually flipped through the TV morning talk shows, I discovered that I must be living under a rock. It turns out that American Idol was holding auditions practically in our back yard in East Rutherford, NJ at the IZOD Center. In a very spur of the moment decision, I decided to drive over and pre-register for the auditions that were held today.

Well, first let me put an end to your suspense, no I didn’t pass the audition. Our schedule for today’s exciting events were as follows: Arrive at 5 am. Sit on sidewalk for three hours. Wait in bleachers for ten hours. Audition for 15 seconds. Go home.

Oh, there were perks. When Eddie won a free, styrofoam beer coozie for recycling his Sprite can, I thought it was a sign of good things to come. However, after paying $15 for a parking space, and almost $9 for a kids size personal pizza which Eddie and I split (I’m starving right now by the way), I began to have my doubts.

Twelve tables were set up in the middle of the huge indoor arena that held about 10,000 contestants and on-lookers. Each table had 1 or 2 producers, and 4 contestants at a time were sent to sing a 10 second solo in front of them. All this happened simultaneously, so the auditorium continuously echoed of, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, and Christina Aguilera sounding hopefuls. If you were lucky enough to pass this first audition, you were sent to a second audition in front of more TV producers. If you were lucky enough to pass that audition, you were sent to the judges, which is what we all see on TV. If you’re scratching your head at all, yes, that means that those horribly tone-deaf individuals that Simon and the others mock, have made it passed 2 previous auditions already.

Eddie and I passed our 10 hours of waiting by playing the one sad little video game that came free on our iPod and walking laps around the outside of the stadium. I knew early on that my gentle singing voice, even at its most powerful, was not the right style or fit for American Idol. Still, I knew that if I passed up the opportunity, I would kick myself later. So, if nothing else, Eddie and I found out that we could entertain ourselves pretty easy in the face of total and absolute boredom. I also was reminded of what a rare husband I have to support me so willingly on such a dreadfully long day. And of course, I got an awesome title for today’s blog!