Monday, November 22, 2010

Magical Moment 291, "One Expected the Unexpected"

I surprised everyone by moving here to be near New York City with the intent of becoming a professional musician, performer, and songwriter. I look back now and I understand their shock. Leaving the financial security of our dual military income, a beautiful house, and comfortable life for the uncertainty of unemployment, a career change, and life in the big city must have seemed crazy to most people. After all, we had no family here, no friends, no prospects, and no idea what we were doing.

Friends and family's first response was generally something like, "Do you know how much rent is there?!" or "It's so crowded!" As if we weren't aware of this already. But we did our best to explain our reasoning and I learned to appreciate my husband Eddie even more for helping me follow my crazy dreams.

We considered several cities that had good music reputations from Austin, to Nashville, to Atlanta, even LA. But New York was always the ultimate to me, and settling for less was something I knew I would always regret. And while most thought our actions were spontaneous, outlandish, even irresponsible or diluted, there was a response from one that reassured me. And it was all I needed.

When I announced to my dad, and number one fan, of our decision to move to New York City, he simply said with no trace of surprise or shock in his voice, "You've always chased your dreams and reached for the stars. I would expect nothing less from you."