Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Magical moment 299, "Welcome, Gabby"

Eddie and I are the proud Aunt and Uncle of a new baby niece! This is what our 4 year old nephew said of his new baby sis...

Admiration and wonder filled the air.
All gathered round the new baby with care.

Brand new were her feet, fingers, and toes.
Delicate and small were her eyes, mouth, and nose.

“She looks like an angel,” cried mom with delight.
“A beautiful doll, so perfect and right.”

“She looks like her daddy,” another one said.
“The spitting image, from her feet to her head.”

Big brother looked at the bundle of pink,
And somebody asked him, “What do you think?”

He crinkled his nose and thought for a bit.
Being an honest young boy, he had to admit,

He knew she would change once she got big,
But right now he said, “She’s pink, like a pig!”