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Magical Moment 309, "Night Out in the Big City"

Eddie and I are gradually crossing items off our “things to do in New York City” list. Although we’ve been to Lincoln Center before, we’d never attended a performance at the Metropolitan Opera House until a few nights ago when we saw La Boheme. It was an early Christmas celebration, and one of those night-outs that have to be pre-budgeted.

I was looking forward to the show for days. I picked out my dress, planned for a manicure, and dug out my red heels. Eddie brushed off his suit and made dinner reservations at The Grand Tier Restaurant. I was very excited as I got ready for our big night on the town, thinking the last time I got this dressed up was for a military dining out banquet in college.

The evening didn’t disappoint. Everything was stunning from our dinner, to the artwork in the lobby, to the crystal chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. The show was unlike any beauty I’ve ever seen or heard. The stage sets alone were images taken from a movie screen, or painted work of art. The performers sang note perfect with emotion and energy that reached up to the 5th level balcony (where we sat).

The story of the opera was set in France in the 1800s among poor artists, writers, and musicians. They lived in shacks with no heat. They had no money to buy food, or any kind of small luxuries. It was quite ironic as I looked around from our seat among all the finely dressed patrons that filled the seats.

And as I soaked up each moment of our evening, knowing this would never be something I would become accustomed to, I thought that the real treasure was that of appreciating such fine things. I cherished not our fancy supper, or the company of the upper class, but an evening out with my husband and an experience that we will both remember for a lifetime.


Steve Gravano said…
Sounds like a great night and wonderful Christmas celebration.
Eddie said…
I had a wonderful time with my beautiful wife!
Lori said…
How wonderful that you got a nice night out with your husband. You both looked beautiful!
laughwithusblog said…
I am so glad you had this opportunity. I really cherish the memories of our times before kids. Of course our times now are just a different kind of happy, but it is really hard to get out with out the kids.

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