Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Magical Moment 342, "The Piano"

This day was truly amazing. After months of preparation, I took my place at the piano bench behind a plexiglass window and recorded the piano for my album.

With complete focus and concentration, I played along with the full band and orchestra that played in my ears. When I pounded the final chord of the final song I pressed my fingers firmly down on the keys. Gradually, the sound faded into silence and I lifted my fingers from the keyboard. Suddenly I felt like soaring. It had all come together and I, Miss anal-retentive, knit-picky, perfectionist, was pleased with our work for the day.

Should you purchase the album when it is finished this early spring (and I hope that you do), listen closely to each song. For I’m certain that underneath the numerous musical instruments playing, the microphone in the sound booth must have picked up the intense beating of my heart.

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