Friday, January 21, 2011

Magical Moment 351, "Ring Around the Telephone Pole"

Remember this video when my dog Joy, discovered that the tree near our parking lot is the perfect circumference to always see the end of her leash, but never catch it?

Every time we go outside, she silently pleads with those large, brown eyes to walk to her favorite tree and chase her leash for a while. I usually let her. But as a result of the 5th snow storm in 4 weeks, this is what her beloved tree looks like now.

Her little heart broke when she realized she couldn't make her way to the base of the trunk. She tried with all her might, but the snow just swallowed her up. I admire her persistence, her resilience, and as we kept walking down the sidewalk, her ingenuity when she spotted this telephone pole. Her brown eyes once again lit up with excitement, as she discovered, "This'll do."
(Notice, she managed to catch her pink leash this time!)

When God covers a tree with snow, somewhere He frees up a telephone pole.