Monday, January 24, 2011

Magical Moment 354, "The Class Saver"

I love the moments that I "accidently" see. They're not planned, rehearsed, or expected, and I'm lucky enough to be a third party onlooker, and later describe them:  

The ballet instructor was feeling the stress in her intermediate class of 10-year-olds. Energy and excitement was high tonight, and focus and obedience was low. She loved her class, and told them so every week. They loved her too, you could see the respect in their youthful attitudes. She was the kind of teacher who honestly cared if her students learned, and when she had to discipline and be stern, she wanted them to know it was only to better them as dancers...and people, for she cared about them outside of her dance class. 

One little girl sat on the side this evening due to an injury. Her foot was bothering her so bad, she could barely stand. And she watched as the instructor struggled to gain control of the rambunctious class. In an uncharacteristic moment of frustration, the instructor announced, "Why must I keep explaining this? I must be an idiot!" Her students at once realized their wrongdoing and immediately quieted. They performed the combination in guilty and tense silence. 

As the music played, the instructor watched, and the dancers danced, I saw the injured little girl rise from her restful spot. She scurried over to the instructor, all the way across the room, and whispered something to her teacher. The instructor's face softened, and I watched her giggle a little. Her entire mood changed. The little girl ran back to the side of the room on her injured foot. The dark atmosphere lifted and the class went smooth after that. The happy relationship between students and teacher was restored. I asked the instructor later what the little girl whispered.
The answer, "She simply said, 'You're not an idiot.'"

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