Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Magical Moment 363, "Cabin Fever Epidemic: The Movie"

Sometimes I let my imagination run off and go wherever it wants, especially when I'm bored. I wonder, could I secretly be the star of my own movie, like in the Truman Show? Maybe there are hidden cameras capturing my undone, wavy hair, sweatpants, and sorry attempts of piano practice (I just can't seem to motivate myself to learn the waltz from Coppelia). That would be about the most boring movie I can think of. More realistically, I'm probably stuck in the same day over and over again, like the movie Groundhog Day. Hey, it is Ground Day, how's that for proof? 

I wake up every day, look out my window, and see white. The next day, I wake up, look outside, and see white. It just keeps happening. I can't seem to break the cycle. 

I hope these are weather-proof chairs
Joy does most of her "swimming" in the winter


I'm doing everything I can to break the Groundhog Day spell, like in the movie, he has to do everything right for a day. I've organized about every shelf and closet possible. I've made delicious dinners. I've learned most of Coppelia. I even joined a gym for crying out loud. What else can I do? Hmmm. I may be starting to get a little punchy. I better find a cure and quick. 

What do you do to alleviate your cabin fever? I've noticed it's becoming an epidemic across the country lately. We all must band together to cure this madness before it overtakes our minds! We'll lose all reason and become zombies that take over the world! Then Armageddon will happen! Hmmm...maybe one cure would be a little less TV...


Steve Gravano said...

Even when it's cold I like to get out and walk. It might be a short, brisk walk, but it's a walk. The fresh cold air clears my mind and I get to look at different things.

Valencia said...

Funny! Fun to read & see, especially Joy "swimming" lol. I'm always "on the run". Nice to be in doing this, that, & the other. This is what winters are for. However, we'll have an early spring. Now that will be real nice!

Anonymous said...

I have many projects waiting in line for my attention. Some are very practical ie decluttering and organizing projects and some are creative talent ie sewing projects and then some are learning something new ie computer projects, in additon to what I usually do...xo