Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Magical Moment 355, "Vocal Lesson"

Today was the very first day I attempted to lay down vocals for my album with Modern Vintage Recordings. I went into the studio very unsure of what to expect, after all, I've never been one to boast that I had the best voice. In fact, all 4 years of high school, I never once made the select choir group. I never made all-state choir. I never got solos in the school concerts or plays. I could only muster the courage to sing a special in church occasionally because at least I had a piano to hide behind. But in a recording booth, I get no piano. And all those insecurities I have about my average voice were magnified by a million through a state of the art, condenser microphone, amplified with huge speakers, and scrutinized by an audience of 2 producers. 

I know I can sing on pitch. I know my tone is nice. But recording a song is so much more than that. There is a story to tell, energy to emit, and a mood to portray. Many people can sing a melody on key and make it sound fine, but these are not commercial jingles. These are my songs, they may as well be my babies. They are the epitome of me, and all that my heart, soul, and energy has been poured into for the last six months.

I have a feeling that most of my work from today will be scrapped. And amazingly, I'm not discouraged by that. My producer made a comment that normally might have sent my perfectionist, ultra-sensitive self over the edge of despair. He said, "You're a great pianist. You're a great songwriter. You're a good vocalist." And that's the truth. My two loves, piano and writing, are my strengths. And vocal is my challenge. I've taken on challenges before though, and I imagine that if I give this one the same attention and persistence as those in the past, I'll overcome it. 

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