Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magical Moment 385, "The Best Time I Ever Got Pulled Over"

I rushed out the door one Saturday morning, worried sick that I would be late for work. If there is one thing I hate to be, it's late! I zoomed down the Garden State Parkway, forgoing my morning Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, and switching into "New Jersey Driver Mode" (it's not pretty, and I only do it when I have to).

After I got off the Parkway and onto the residential streets that would take me to the ballet school, I noticed a police car hiding on a side street waiting to catch someone. I immediately slowed down, as I was going about 5 over the speed limit. Whew! He didn't get me. Once he was completely out of my rear-view mirror, I again sped up. I was almost to work and if I could just maintain this speed, I would get there exactly on time. I was in the clear! In fact, I could see my final destination, when all of the sudden...lights. My old buddy was right behind me. Sneaky little guy. Defeated, I pulled over. My clean driving record that I had worked so hard for could be ruined. I prepared everything necessary to hand to him as soon as he came to the window. But I still had one ace up my sleeve.

Inevitably, he would ask me why I had a New Jersey address but Texas plates. I explained, "We're military." I handed him my ID. That usually does the trick and I could tell by his reaction that it probably would work it's charm again today. But then I got a bonus. 

He took the ID (which is a dependent ID because I'm no longer on active duty). Then he looked at me and asked, "So are both of your parents military?" I was totally confused for a second when I realized, he thought I was way, WAY younger than I am. He mistook me for a minor with military parents. 
I stuttered, "Uh, no, my husband."
That's when he took a closer look at the information on my ID and I watched the understanding come over his face, "Oh!" he said. 

In that moment, he could have given me 50 tickets and I wouldn't have cared!!! I would have strolled into work an hour late whistling Dixie. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! He thought I was nearly a decade younger than I actually am. 

As it turns out, he gave me a verbal warning only, and when I arrived at work, the instructor was also about 10 minutes late so it wouldn't have mattered if I was on time anyway! Who would have thought such a stressful morning could turn out so well!

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