Thursday, February 24, 2011

Magical Moment 385, "The Best Time I Ever Got Pulled Over"

I rushed out the door one Saturday morning, worried sick that I would be late for work. If there is one thing I hate to be, it's late! I zoomed down the Garden State Parkway, forgoing my morning Dunkin Doughnuts coffee, and switching into "New Jersey Driver Mode" (it's not pretty, and I only do it when I have to).

After I got off the Parkway and onto the residential streets that would take me to the ballet school, I noticed a police car hiding on a side street waiting to catch someone. I immediately slowed down, as I was going about 5 over the speed limit. Whew! He didn't get me. Once he was completely out of my rear-view mirror, I again sped up. I was almost to work and if I could just maintain this speed, I would get there exactly on time. I was in the clear! In fact, I could see my final destination, when all of the sudden...lights. My old buddy was right behind me. Sneaky little guy. Defeated, I pulled over. My clean driving record that I had worked so hard for could be ruined. I prepared everything necessary to hand to him as soon as he came to the window. But I still had one ace up my sleeve.

Inevitably, he would ask me why I had a New Jersey address but Texas plates. I explained, "We're military." I handed him my ID. That usually does the trick and I could tell by his reaction that it probably would work it's charm again today. But then I got a bonus. 

He took the ID (which is a dependent ID because I'm no longer on active duty). Then he looked at me and asked, "So are both of your parents military?" I was totally confused for a second when I realized, he thought I was way, WAY younger than I am. He mistook me for a minor with military parents. 
I stuttered, "Uh, no, my husband."
That's when he took a closer look at the information on my ID and I watched the understanding come over his face, "Oh!" he said. 

In that moment, he could have given me 50 tickets and I wouldn't have cared!!! I would have strolled into work an hour late whistling Dixie. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition! He thought I was nearly a decade younger than I actually am. 

As it turns out, he gave me a verbal warning only, and when I arrived at work, the instructor was also about 10 minutes late so it wouldn't have mattered if I was on time anyway! Who would have thought such a stressful morning could turn out so well!

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Hilary said...

Well that sure turns a bad day around, doesn't it? :)

Linda said...

Bless those Texas plates!

Ed said...

As a cop,I pull over so many women that try so hard to get out of speeding tickets. I even mistook grown women for young girls. Not in the way you are thinking. I thought they were younger then what they were cause what they did was very immature. I have had the pain of seeing the accidents from reckless drivers. I know it goes with my job and I have to block things out, but hun, you need to be a lil more careful not just for other peoples safety but yours as well. If you are late to something,oh well, you still have your life. Be safe for your family.

Rick said...

Still a good story, Elizabeth.

Unfortunately there are many places where the speed limit is set artificially low in order to fill the coffers. Most people will drive at speeds that are appropriate for the road conditions and weather (there are always exceptions and idiots) but artificially low speeds cause many people to exceed them - WITHOUT endangering others. I would hardly consider 5mph over the limit a gross safety violation !

Please relax folks and enjoy the story for what it is.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Hilary, Lol. It did for me! :)

Linda, God bless Texas, eh?

Ed, I am in no way condoning speeding, nor do I make a habit out of it. It was just a thing that happened that made me laugh once so I thought I'd share it. I promise I'll be careful. Thanks for reading.

Rick, Lol Thank you!!! (I suppose I'll have to start screening my comments from now unfortunately), but I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Merisi said...

Thank you for the smile! :-)

(Looking at your parent's picture in your most recent post,
only moments ago was I taken by the youthfulness of their looks - knowing that they have an adult daughter. You got good genes!)

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Merisi, I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And your comment will make my mom's entire week!!! :)