Sunday, February 20, 2011

Magical Moment 381, "Crazy"

When I tell people that my greatest musical influences are Dolly Parton, Bing Crosby, Patsy Cline, Randy Travis, Ray Charles, and Floyd Cramer, I usually get some puzzled responses, followed by, "How old are you?" What can I say? I grew up loving these artists and find myself inspired by their genius when creating my own music. I fell in love with Patsy Cline when I first heard the song "Crazy." And what I actually loved about that song at first, was not Patsy's amazing pipes, but the light, tinkling piano style of Floyd Cramer. After that, I was hooked on both of them.

My repertoire quickly filled with their songs and became favorites among the crowd at Lee's Chicken in Lincoln, NE, where I played the piano all through college. Patsy's music became even more special to me because it was a shared interest for myself and both of my grandmothers. One of my Grandma Valencia's all time favorite songs is "Crazy" and whenever she came to Lee's to eat fried onion rings and hear me play, I always performed this one special for her. When I taught my Grandma Daugherty to play the piano, she insisted that several Patsy songs were on the schedule to learn. To this day, she still plays "Sweet Dreams," "I Fall to Pieces," and of course, "Crazy."

It's fascinating to ponder all those things in life that shape your taste, interest, passion, and style. Enjoy this video of "Crazy" taken at Riverside State Park in Manhattan.

My Dolly Parton tribute, "She Loves Me"
My Randy Travis tribute, "Randy Forever and Ever Amen"
My Ray Charles (and blues) tribute, "The Cure for the Blues, the Blues!"



Lori said...

I love that you are so passionate about what you awesome to share this love with your grandma's...I love the way the piano is painted...and with the words Play me I'm that...I enjoyed this!

Linda said...

So do you travel with a colorfully painted piano, or does this one sit in a plaza just waiting for someone to play it?

I've seen many Lee's Chicken places, but none with a piano. Again, it makes me think you travel with one. :)

I, too, love Dolly Parton; and who doesn't enjoy the music of Patsy Cline. We had her for too short a time. A love of her music is a neat thing to share with your grandmas.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Lori and Linda,
That was for a project called "Play Me, I'm Yours." Last summer 60 brightly painted pianos were placed all over the city. I had a great time playing them all! Thanks for reading and your comments! :)

Dawn said...

I love that you play at all these neat and interesting places (and pianos!) You have quite a gift....and I think it's wonderful where your inspirations come from:)

Rick said...

Awesome - great rendition of a great song ! You tickle the ivories real well.

Lovely story about your grandmother too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful song and rendition with "harmony" by the birdies. You must have inspired them to sing! xo

Anonymous said...

The sign post photo reminds me of Duchess Drive by Elizabeth's Pizza in Fayetteville, NC. Great food and good times! xo