Sunday, January 9, 2011

Magical Moment 339, "Smile and Nod"

This is a list of things people have said to me with the intent of complimenting me. I really didn't know what to say after, so I just smiled and nodded.

My Grandpa-in-law:
"You've fattened up since the last time I saw you. Now you don't look like a skeleton."

Friend from my former church:
"You look just like Claire Danes in that movie....what's the one where she's sickly the whole time then she dies...?"
(Little Women is the answer there by the way, and Claire Danes does look like death the entire movie.)

My mother:
"You take after your father. Bags under the eyes are hereditary."

My husband, when asked by an acquaintance if his wife was a good cook:
"She makes a delicious meat loaf and.... (pause while searching the far corners of his brain for another meal I cook well) Yeah, her meat loaf is really good."

An old Army (girl) friend, describing what she thought was my nicest feature:
"You have nice legs. Long, skinny...bony knees."

My uncle-in-law:
"When I first met you, I thought you looked rich."
(I still don't know how to take that one.)

My husband again, referring to me and Joy (the dog):
"Owners and their dogs do take on each other's characteristics."
(He was serious. Now, my dog is sweet and delightful, but I don't incessantly sniff the cat or beg for table scraps.)

Some guy at Lee's Restaurant while I was playing the piano:
"That's why you play the piano so well. Look how big your hands are!"

My Grandma Valencia:
"Katherine Zeta Jones had twins in her 40s, so there's hope for you."

Once again, my husband, remarking on how clean the house was:
"Good job cleaning! You're such a good little wife."
(Wrong thing to say to me. And he did his own laundry and dishes for the next few weeks.)

So next time I'm feeling down about myself, I won't remember this list of compliments.

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Jennifer said...

Thanks for making me smile!:)

Steve Gravano said...

Pretty funny. I married my wife because her legs match the description of yours. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

laughwithusblog said...

lol Love it! How I can relate!

Hilary said...

Oh.. backhanded compliments. I'm sure that most weren't intended as they came across.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Jennifer, you're welcome. Glad you got a laugh. :)

Steve, you're wife sounds lovely! :)

Esther, glad you got a laugh. And thanks for posting on your page!

Hilary, I agree. But after the fact, they're kind of funny. :)

Dawn said...

hahahhahaha.....Oh too funny!
Hard to know just how to respond....that's often the hard part;) (EXCEPT.... for some reason...responding to your husband is the easiest...many punishments you could give there;))

ds said...

Oh, dear. I'm sure they didn't realize what they were saying. As long as you're laughing, then I guess it's okay to giggle--especially at your husband's punishment!! He, of all people, should know better!