Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Magical moment 341, "One More Obstacle"

There's a storm coming. They say it's going to be bad. They've put GPS devices on the tow trucks, sent out an advisory, and canceled schedules in preparation. I hear it will be difficult for people to get to their destinations, maybe dangerous, and they shouldn't venture out unless it's absolutely necessary. It comes on the day I have been waiting for for months, even years. The day I am to go into the city and record piano, the most important and personal instrument, for my album.

When I began this process, I heard it was going to be difficult to get to my destination. There would be obstacles and hardships. It would be a storm of confusion, self-doubt, and risk. But I've made it through this far, and I don't suppose a little snow will keep me from going the rest of the way. (Now New Jersey mass transit, may be another story...)

Here are my blogs in order, as I chronicle my process to record an EP with Modern Vintage Recordings:


Hilary said...

I sure hope the snow won't stop you. Is there any way you can get to somewhere close to your destination and stay overnight? In any event, I wish you the very best of luck.

Steve Gravano said...

Good luck tomorrow. I've heard snow and I've heard rain and sleet. Whatever it is, be careful.