Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Magical Moment 216, "A Good Problem"

Another week, another production meeting with Modern Vintage Recordings. I was still feeling the momentum from last week’s stroke of creative genius when I arrived at the Lower East Side studio this morning. It turns out, so was my producer and again, we found ourselves overflowing with new ideas and struggling to eliminate the surplus. I thought that by developing a very specific concept and style for my EP, it would finally allow us to decide on a firm 5 songs so we can begin the much anticipated recording process. Oh how I was wrong.

I played what I believed were my strongest songs that told “my story” the best. My producer nodded in agreement and then highlighted the song titles on the “definite list.” The trouble is, by the end of the session we had 8 titles instead of our goal of only 5. And there we were again, needing to cross off a song, but not being able to hit the delete button. And finally my producer (his name is Eshy by the way) threw up his hands and said in his thick, barely discernable, Israeli accent, “We’re just gonna track all 8 for now and see what happens later.” He went on to explain that the pickle we’ve found ourselves in, is actually a good one. Too many strong songs is far better than having too few.

So our final decision on the final 5 songs, is heck with 5. We have 8. The musicians will play 8. We’ll record 8. And sometime in the future, we’ll make a cut, or 2, or 3. So in my opinion, our “good” little problem has an even better solution.

Here are my blogs in order, as I chronicle my process to record an EP with Modern Vintage Recordings:

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