Thursday, September 2, 2010

Magical Moment 210, "My Story"

Today was a great production meeting. First thing, my producer asked me if I had any concerns so far. I told him that I was very concerned that maybe we hadn’t chosen the right 5 songs for my EP with Modern Vintage Recordings. As much as I love the ones on the list right now, they are going to be my only 5 until I can afford to finish the album and I want them to be just right. He completely understood and together, we went back through and re-listened to all of my songs.

For the first time, I showed him my blog. I told him stories of where and how I grew up, about my nephews, about my husband. I showed him online pictures from my Army days. I showed him the 82nd Airborne Memorial with Kevin’s name on it. After a time of honest and easy flowing conversation, he told me with conviction that I have a unique story to tell, and the songs I choose for this EP should express that story. I don’t want an EP that says, “Here are 5 really nice songs.” I want it to say, “Here is who I am as an artist and this is how I got to be that way.”

Almost immediately, our creative juices began to flow and we both spouted out a cluster of new ideas and suggestions. We both grew more and more excited as we saw the story shape itself. He sent me home with a big assignment. He told me the direction we go with this is completely up to me. I am to spend the next several days seriously contemplating my “story” and how to portray it best through my songs. I’m SO excited and want to share all of my thoughts with you all right now, but I also want you to be in suspense so that you buy the EP! All I’ll say right now is that "Sick and Tired" is back on the table and “Mary’s Lullaby” is going to be AMAZING!

The songs I choose for this EP will be more than a song, more than a story, they’ll be an actual part of myself. And my prayer is that when people listen, they will hear the depth and message in each song and that even though it is my story, they too can identify with it as they live out their own story. 

Here are my blogs in order, as I chronicle my process to record an EP with Modern Vintage Recordings:

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