Thursday, September 9, 2010

Magical Moment 217, "Ducks, Leaves, and Boots"

There’s a chill in there air now. It’s strange to think that just last week we ran our window air conditioner full blast and now I have to bundle up with a sweatshirt to walk Joy in the morning. Fall is by far my favorite of the seasons. I love the colors, the crisp air, and bringing all my jackets and sweaters to the front of my closet. And boots. Let’s not forget it’s boot season.

I think what makes fall so very special, is that it seems shorter and less appreciated than the other seasons. There is a solid 3 months of summer, and yes it goes by quickly, but we certainly know for a fact it’s there and take advantage of every minute. Spring blurs together with summer, making it feel longer than it is. But fall is overshadowed by the long, never ending winters and anticipation of the holiday season. No one rejoices on the first official day of fall, but rather they mourn over the end of summer. No one mourns over the last day of fall, but rather rejoices over the first snowfall.  And like so many other things, I have to root for the under dog.

So, in officially declaring fall my favorite season, I’m going to dig out one of my favorite childhood stuffed animals, a duck named Autumn, and dub her the mascot of the next 3 months. I’ll brush the lint from my favorite belted trench coat, and soak up the beauty and color of the season in my ever classic brown leather boots. Fall is making a come back.

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