Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Magical Moment 215, "Whale Watching"

Yesterday was a truly amazing and magical day. Eddie and I spent the day in Gloucester, MA and bought last minute tickets for a whale watching tour. It was about a 7 hour trip all together. We left the port and traveled over 2 hours in the Atlantic to our destination where a large group of hump back whales were feeding off the coast of Boston.

As we approached, our guide (who knew all the whales by name) announced over the loud speakers that she spotted whales ahead on the horizon. At once, all the passengers crowded to the bow of the boat, straining our eyes to see. She described the sight as a puff of smoke coming off the water. I had trouble spotting it at first, but soon understood what she meant. I was thankful to see that from afar and had no idea what was in store as we inched closer to them.

Suddenly I realized that they were all around us. We were in the center of about 30 hump back whales. We stayed in the area for about an hour and a half and gazed with dropped jaws at the majestic creatures. They moved slow and graceful. It was absolutely surreal to see them in the ocean, naturally feeding and living in their environment as opposed to a Plexiglas swimming pool in the middle of Texas. I was both humbled and amazed. I put together some footage that Eddie and I took of the whales. The last few seconds, you'll see as we're driving away, dozens of "puffs" all around us. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing. Anita

Valencia said...

Uncle JCM in CA & I were talking about classic movies yesterday! Gregory Peck in "Moby Dick", the white whale, got tied to him @ the end. Your pix are awesome! J is laid up w/a bad rt leg!! What a surprise to see these whales!!

Anonymous said...

Oh. My.

I've been on lots of whale watching tours, but I've never seen this many. What a wonderful memory this will be.