Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magical Moment 224, "Move On"

I’m officially finished with pre-production on my EP with Modern Vintage Recordings. That means…studio time! The first day of recording is set for next week. Today my producer Eshy and I went over the eight song guides with a fine tooth comb, ensuring that everything was in good order for the musicians as they learn and get a feel for each song.

I was very conscious of the fact that this was the last meeting where things were up in the air, optional, still open for discussion. I lingered at the studio today, listening and re-listening to many of our guides, questioning and second guessing some of our previous work. We tweaked, re-did, re-wrote, cut, and copied until all eight were saved on the computer and put into a folder.

I realized that if I had it my way, we might be in pre-production forever. I would never be a hundred percent happy, and if I couldn’t be that, I could never move on. I guess that’s why producers are necessary. Eshy had to snap me out of it. “I’m happy with this, let’s move on” he would say. And after pained contemplation, I would nod, “Yes, let’s move on.” The longer I drag out pre-production with my neurotic perfectionism, the more I procrastinate what matters, and why I’m actually doing this.

I’ve been working so hard to get to this point. Not just in pre-production, but with everything I’ve put Eddie and myself through for the last year, hoping that someday this might happen. I’m worried that I’m not ready, that I won’t do it right, that it won’t be received well, that this might be an utter waste. The longer I drag out pre-production, the longer I don’t have to face those possibilities. But the procrastination is over. And whether I’m ready or not, it’s time to move on.

Here are my blogs in order, as I chronicle my process to record an EP with Modern Vintage Recordings:

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laughwithusblog said...

This all sounds incredibly exciting. I can't wait to hear about the next phase...and playing for the ballet sounds impossible.