Friday, April 8, 2011

Magical Moment 428, "Happy Birthday"

Today is the birthday of my friend, Kevin Gaspers. I've mentioned him several times before:

He was my friend and fellow soldier. We went through college and ROTC together, then were both stationed at Fort Bragg. I have many fond memories of school, dancing, we even had the same birthday. :) So it's easy for me to remember him. Not that I could ever forget. He was killed in Iraq on April 23, 2007.

My Grandma Valencia wrote this poem in his honor. It brings a tear to my eye each time I read it. He would be 30 today. Happy birthday, Kevin. We will never forget.

"1LT Kevin Gaspers"
By Mary M. Valencia 4/25/2007  

Have you named your star in heaven?
There’s one there close to us for Kevin.
Look! Up above, the first star of the night,
this clear night reveals the multitude, so bright.
‘Twas once a twinkle in an eye,
 groomed, then zoomed to heights, the sky.
Never a stranger to the world below,
we knew this young man, our friend, to grow.
Bless you, Kevin, made of brave Christian soldier’s glory,
who with many others write this story.
There’s glory there way beyond measure,
Red, White and Blue is our Nation’s treasure.
Rest serenely in thy peace,
Eternity’s love ne’er to cease.