Monday, April 11, 2011

Magical Moment 431, "Early Spring Images"

While everything is beginning to bud and bloom, I found this one, completely open flower among the bare branches of a near by bush. Talk about an early riser!

Birds are shedding some extra pounds, getting ready for warmer weather (as I should be doing).

DEER are shedding some extra pounds!!! (Don't know what I'm gonna do with this yet, but it's gonna be something cool).

I can't get enough of this tree outside our apartment. So heavenly fragrant and colorful. I just love standing underneath the tree and looking up at the blue sky peeking out behind the various blooms.

And I love the SUN peeking out through the various blooms!

Just wait til all these open up. Ah, such beauty!


Dawn said...

Grrrr....I think I lost my last comment!
I said...;)))....I love the eager bloomer...rushing ahead to open up as he is tired of waiting! Impatient bloomer;))

Lovely early spring captures!

Hilary said...

Wonderful finds, Elizabeth.. a lovely feather and an antler.. so cool. There's nothing like a magnolia to scream SPRING!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Dawn, I hate when that happens! Lol. Thanks for the comment - both of them. :)

Hilary, Thank you. I didn't even realize that was a magnolia tree! I love it though!

Linda said...

I thought it might be a magnolia, but I wouldn't have had the nerve to say so if Hilary hadn't said it first. ;) Beautiful pictures. I love the lone flower on that first budding tree.

Anonymous said...

Ah Choo, Great photography! Ah Choo! (Where's the Allegra D?) xo