Thursday, July 28, 2011

Magical Moment 537, "The Green-Eyed Monster"

My husband Eddie, is quite romantic. He brings me gifts, takes me on dates, and sends me flowers. One day we returned from lunch to find a beautiful bouquet of flowers delivered to our doorstep. I picked them up and noticed they were addressed to me! The return address was the flower company, so I assumed they were from Eddie.
"Awww!" I mooned over them. But when I looked at Eddie, rather than seeing an adoring expression staring back at me, he looked completely puzzled.
"Those aren't from me!" He accused, not so romantically or adoringly.

I was just as surprised. I couldn't think of a single person who would send me flowers. It wasn't my birthday or any kind of special occasion. But curiosity, or was it something else, overtook Eddie. He tore open the cardboard packaging like a ravage beast, searching for any clue of who the flowers could be from. 
"It's from that one guy from that one place! I knew he had a crush on you!"

I rolled my eyes and waited for the card to surface.
"Ah ha!" He pulled the card out triumphantly.
"Thanks for all your help recently." He read, as if building up to the finale.
" and dad." The last 3 syllables fell flat as he sheepishly handed the card to me. I helped my dad with a new work resume, and he just wanted to say thanks.

No words needed to be said after that. I didn't mutter, "I told you so," or scold his unnecessary jealousy. I did write a blog post about it though.

The bouquet in question