Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magical Moment 272, "Window to My World"

*Picture from Tales of a Tall Guy
I spend hours in my music room and office everyday. It's where I write, practice, record, work, grow, get angry, feel accomplished, and create. There is a small window in this room which faces the parking lot behind my apartment building. Through it, I can see the entrance to the community laundry room and a few houses across the street with the American flag waiving by the front door. There are trees and bushes, thick with multi-colored leaves, and no shortage of birds and squirrels scurrying about. In the evening, the sunset casts a soft orange haze over the red, brick walls and it seems as though the autumn leaves are glowing, like a thin lamp shade with a bulb burning bright underneath.

It doesn’t take long for me to feel inspired when I open my white mini blinds and gaze outside. Some days I feel more content and encouraged from five minutes at my window, than I do from a whole day of running around town, “being productive.” Every day is a new view and a different sunrise. This is the spot where I first notice the season changes - snow, clouds, rain, sunshine. Often, it’s the first view I see in the morning, and last thing I see at night. Only a little square, it could be the size of a picture frame, but through it, I see more than any painter could paint. I see my world. What's just outside your window that you love?

Here are some blog posts from the past that were inspired from gazing out this very window, many are my short little nature poems. Some are actually my all time favorites:
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