Sunday, November 7, 2010

Magical Moment 276, "An American Girl"

When I was a little girl, the only thing I wanted for my 10th birthday was Samantha, the American Girl doll. Back then, the dolls were relatively new and all the rage for girls my age. The only problem was, they were $80 each and that was more than I could possibly hope for in our middle class family. So I saved all my birthday money that year, $40, and my mom agreed to pay the other half for the doll. Finally, Samantha arrived in the mail and I remember brushing her silky dark hair and dressing her up in white pinafore dress with all the excitement and delight that a young girl could possibly possess.  

Today as I dusted my house, I thought about the few childhood knick knacks, books, clothes, and stuffed animals that have made it with me through 3 out of state moves, and a severe space down grade from a 4 bedroom house with attic and garage, to a 2 bedroom apartment with barely a front closet.  Samantha was one of the lucky few that made it all this way. 

She actually sits in my music room on my sheet music shelf. Someone pointed out to me recently in a youtube comment, that Samantha appears in many of my home-made music videos because she's in direct view of the built-in computer camera. If I would have known back then what a beloved, cherished, and long-term possession she would turn out to be, maybe $80 wouldn’t have seemed so bad. She, and the memories she gave, are priceless.

Me, my sister, and my best friend having an American Girl Party the not so distant past
Top: Erica, Elizabeth, Deb
Bottom: Josefina, Samantha, Felicity


Dawn said...

Oh this is so fun! I remember the "Sports Barbie" I saved up for....and it took me awhile since I never got an allowance:))

It's neat to hold on to memory~things.....and I love the picture of the 3 of you!
(Don't you wish they still made toys like they used to???)

Have a wonderful new week!!

Elizabeth Grimes said...

It's funny, the 3 of us grown now, but we still love our dolls. Thanks for the comment Dawn. :)