Saturday, March 5, 2011

Magical Moment 394, "The Luckiest Man In The World"

If you’ve been here a while, then you know all about Joy, EthanZachary, Jack, Evie, Gabby, Zoey, and Trace.  You know that Taylor is a bear and Kevin was a hero. You’ve read about triumphs and heartaches and you’ve gone gaga for Erica. You’ve run across all manner of creatures and critters like jellyfish, sparrows, texas chicks, frogs and owls, and even a Goose. You’ve seen photographs that have caught your breath and read poetry that just makes you smile, despite the world. At times you could literally smell the lilacs. Oh, and the music! Such lovely music there’s been. Through a blizzard in Virginia, the heat of the Summertime, and even in the rain, a new song has never been far away. But it has rained a lot. In fact, it’s poured. Just the same, though, with a little help and a lot of friends, the Sun’s always come back out, bursting with new life and new inspiration. No goodbye is ever forever and each goodnight proceeds a unique sunrise. The builder’s dream has come true and the Venetian dreams remain. Even when it was hard to do so, the story has continued. It continues, not because of the words on the screen, but because of the heart that reads them. This blog has very little to do with her, although she writes them all day after day, and each day a little of her bleeds into them. No, this blog is for me. It lies flat and cold behind the glass until I wake up and log on. That is when the magic happens. That is when my one magical moment happens each day. I look forward to it like I can not describe to you. I’ve noticed that some others of you out there seem to like some of them too and you read them and comment. That’s okay. I don’t mind sharing. I do apologize for taking a day away, but there’s another train tomorrow and she’ll be back soon. Thanks for reading my ramblings and remember: take care of her and treat her right so that she can continue to bless this undeserving bum everyday the way I don’t deserve to be blessed.
Sincerely and gratefully,