Monday, March 7, 2011

Magical Moment 396, "The Wiggly Ones are the Happy Ones"

I learn many things from observing ballet class behind the comfort of my piano. I learn some french words. I learn how to play a "square" combination. And I learn what not to do, to get little girls to behave.

The instructor told the girls in the beginner's class to pay attention. "Calm down!" She said. "Stop wiggling!" 
A spark of amusement rippled through the line of young girls. "Wiggle!" They laughed. What a silly word. What a silly, fun movement it implied. They of course had to demonstrate a wiggle. They squirmed their shoulders, bobbed their heads, and rocked their knees, all in an effort to create the perfect "wiggle." 
The instructor immediately realized her mistake. She rolled her eyes in defeat. It was hopeless now. 

Later, after the instructor successfully got them half way through bar exercises, she noticed they were bunched up in one corner. She attempted to space them out evenly. "Girls, slide down."
Slide! Oh, that's fun. Let's slide! Ballet slippers on top of a smooth floor work perfectly for sliding. Let's see who can slide the furthest! 

Oh the poor instructor. She had her hands full that day. If only "calm" was a funny word. Let's see who can be the calmest. But that doesn't work for little girls. They are too happy, too innocent, too vibrant, and much too wiggly


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Linda said...

Oh how cute that must have been...for the pianist, at least...not so much for the instructor. I remember visiting a "Children's Church" meeting led by a friend and being amazed at the constant movement of her audience of children. I was glad I wasn't the leader.

Rick said...

LOL - blessed are they who wiggle and slide for they shall have fun at ballet !

Dawn said...

Love the word wiggle...but here I thought it only implied what little boys do:)

Cute class...THAT would be cute to video:))

Steve Gravano said...

Wiggle and slide, I think they might have created a new dance, maybe not ballet, just a fun dance.

Elizabeth Grimes said...

Linda, I know! I couldn't begin to have the patience for that kind of thing. It's a true gift.

Rick, they sure had a blast. :)

Dawn, I think it's boys and girls under the age of about 8. :) That would be a fun video!

Steve, I think you're onto something there! :)