Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Magical Moment 398, "The Manly, Girly Voice"

Married couples are forever trying to impress their in-laws. I suppose it's just a fact of life. Eddie and I are both fortunate to have a supportive family that we love and get along with. Still, especially at the beginning of our marriage, we walked on egg shells, putting our best foot forward to show ourselves worthy to our new families.

My parents came to stay with us a while ago and we grilled out one night. While we ate and talked, somehow, our cat Emily got out of the house. Our last cat got hit by a car, so we're both paranoid about leaving her outside for too long. After a few cars raced by our house, Eddie decided it was best to get her back inside.

Our cat is pretty smart. She comes when she's called. The thing is, you have to call her in a really high-pitched, funny sound. I think that started when she was a kitten, and we just automatically cooed her name like we would a baby, but it stuck. So now, anytime we want her to come, we have to say "Emily" about an octave higher than our regular voice. As you can imagine it sounds very girly and goofy.

I noticed that Eddie opted to attempt catch the cat, so as to avoid the embarrassment of making that sound in front of my dad. It wasn't working though and she was getting closer and closer to the street. My parents got up to try and help corner her. Cars were zooming by. Things were getting out of control. Finally Eddie straightened up and made the announcement, "Okay, she'll come when I call her, but I have to do it really girly." Then he just let it rip. My dad erupted in laughter at the sight and sound. Poor Eddie nearly died of embarrassment. I was proud of him though. At the sacrifice of losing face in front of my dad, and for the safety of our pet, he manned-up and did the girly voice.

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laughwithusblog said...

Beth, I love this one! These are the moments that make life so much fun.

Linda said...

How funny. I'll bet you choose a different training technique for your next cat. :)

Hilary said...

It takes a big man to do the girly voice.

We just shake the dry cat food. ;)

Dawn said...

hehe...way to go Eddie! You saved a cats life AND humbled yourself doing it.
2 Points for you in in-laws eyes:))
(No...3. You made them laugh;)

Deborah said...

Ah the inevitable 'pet calling' voice LOL I loved this!

Steve Gravano said...

The things we do for our pets! Funny.

Paul C said...

Like Hilary, we shake some Temptations and the our cat will stand at attention.