Monday, April 18, 2011

Magical Moment 438, "Progress II"

I'm now going through the most difficult part of recording my album with Modern Vintage Recordings...the vocals! This is a song I wrote years ago with a very country, straight forward sound. The geniuses at MVR, got the idea to put a groove/funk vibe to it, which I LOVE! I'm SO SO SO happy with the way this track turned out. It is still incomplete, no bass yet and no vocal reverb or auto-tune. Just very dry, almost immediately after the final vocal tracking took place. I am especially in love with the background harmonies that one of my audio engineers, Jason Cummings, arranged. It reminds me of the Beach Boys meets funk. Love it! Enjoy!

For my OLD version of "I Still Think About You," click here.

The progress of recording an album: