Saturday, June 11, 2011

Magical Moment 492, "Love/Hate"

Last night, I experienced the very epitome of my love/hate relationship with New York City:

A paying gig! = Love
In Brooklyn = Hate (it's not a bad place, just far away)
Three hour set = Love
Crawling through traffic at snail pace = HATE!

It was an uncharacteristically slow night at this small, Caribbean restaurant where I was invited to play for "Jazz Night." I still gave it everything I had though. And my favorite patrons of the evening were 2 young sisters, whose eyes I felt on me with each song I played. I got the sense that one of the sisters wanted to approach and talk to me. I tried to seem as friendly as possible so that she would have the courage to, but she never did. I was beyond flattered however, when each adorable girl took turns putting a tip into my jar. I gave them the very best smile I could and played my hardest until they left.