Thursday, July 14, 2011

Magical Moment 525, "Legos"

Today, I am posting a beautiful piece written by my older sister Regina. She recently discovered since going back to school, that she has quite an interest and talent for writing. She also found that it's an effective outlet for some of the pain she's felt the last few years. I wrote a song based on her words here. And she guest posted once before here. You can also visit her blog, She Lives in the Light.

by Regina Teague

Boys and I are bored today. No motivation. Blah. I remember up high on a shelf in the boys' closet, is a blue tub full of Legos. I hid them away, thinking I'd get them out when the boys were older, and when Zach wouldn't think it was fun to dump them out and spread them alllllll over. Now, my areas of expertise in child playtime is not Legos. I only had sisters, one two years younger and one nine years younger. Barbies, house, dolls, tea parties, dress up--nope, no blocks mixed in there. Well, they are obsessed with Matchbox cars, which are definitely spread all over the house, so I promise them I will build them a garage for their cars out of the Legos. It is a fair day outside; pretty mild for June, actually. So, let's build out on the balcony, I tell the boys. They like this idea. I begin lining up pieces and pressing them together. This isn't so bad. Zach loses interest in what I'm doing, his two year old mind moves faster than I can keep up with. As I build, he grabs a cup off the dining room table and fills it up with water from the bathroom sink, brings it outside and pours it into a bucket he filled with his little cars. Guess he thinks his cars are dirty and need a bath. Ethan, on the other hand, watches me intently, two cars, one in each hand, ready to park in the double garage. Finally, I put the finishing touches on the roof. Ethan excitedly drives his cars into the garage. The whole thing crumbles, collapses on the little parked cars, and his face falls and his eyes gloss over with tears. I feel like a horrible failure. And suddenly I remember the last time these Legos were played with.

It was late October 2009. We were all together in our little townhome, Jason had a couple weeks off from his officer training and was in town before he had to be in Texas. The four of us were playing in the boys room. Jason and Ethan were playing with the Legos, and my sweet baby Zach, at just a year old, was sitting in my lap as I rocked in the rocking chair. Slowly, Jason expertly built an entire house with attached garage and told Ethan, "Someday, I'm going to build mommy a big house, just like this!" Ethan giggled. "Look, Mommy! Daddy builded this house for you!" Days later, upon his arrival in Texas, I got the text message that ended our marriage. I crumbled and our world collapsed.

I tell Ethan that I am sorry I didn't do a very good job. Luckily, it is time to get ready for a friends birthday party. He perks up at the thought of a party and birthday cake. All day long I think about the garage, and Ethan's face when it broke. After the party, and after nap I give it another shot. I completely take apart the broken garage, change out a lot of the pieces and start all over. Bit by bit I go, slowly building it up. Every once in awhile, I pick it up and shake it, to make sure it is stable. When it is finished, I am proud of myself. Ethan excitedly drives two cars inside. Success! "Mom, you did it!" he says. Guess this means I have conquered Legos.