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Magical Moment 532, "Trapped in the Tower"

There's an old legend at my alma mater, the University of Nebraska, that someone once got locked in the clock tower. The clock tower today is automated, and plays a tune every hour. But they say that back in the old days, there was an organ up there. Well, the organist was trapped inside, so as a call for help, he played "Rescue Me" repeatedly on the organ until someone noticed and found him. (Or something like that, it's been a few years since college folks!)

The lap top is my organ. My bedroom is the clock tower. I've been held hostage in my room for hours, with no release in sight! We've broken a temperature record, with the heat index at 115 F (46 C). My number one complaint about northern NJ (besides the traffic), is the hundred year old buildings that lack any kind of temperature regulation. So we survive the seasons on radiators and window air conditioners (I know, outrageous, right?!). Last year was our first summer here. On June 1st, Eddie and I drove straight to Home Depot and picked up the largest window air conditioner in existence. It cooled our living room and dining room area with ease. This summer, it was doing pretty well. Until today. The hottest day on record.

With no hope of repair until tomorrow, I've had to make due. The flimsy "Window Air Conditioner that Could," in our bedroom is on full blast, with a fan in front to help circulate the air. The door is closed. The lights are off. I've captured Emily the cat and Joy the dog, who are sitting on the bed with me. All 3 of us bored out of our minds. I did the laundry. Made the bed. Dusted the surfaces. Organized my bookshelf. But I just keep thinking about what I should be doing! All those hours of piano practice lost, or vacuuming the living room, or something! And just when I gather the courage to attempt one of those tasks, I open my bedroom door and am confronted with a blast of heat, as if I were standing directly behind the engine of a C-130. I mean, just to go to the bathroom, I had to stick my face in the sink! I should mention that Eddie is gone until midnight and he took my car. Mmmm hmmm. So I really am stuck!

We don't have a TV in the bedroom. My laptop speakers are useless, so TV or movies on the laptop is out of the question. It's too hot to sleep. Way too hot to eat. So what does a girl do when she's out of all entertainment options? Well I noticed something when I cleaned off my bookshelf...BOOKS! Oh my goodness, I never knew I had so many! Strange things, these books. They're made of paper and have words printed on them. The words form some kind of story! 

So I suppose my task for the rest of the day will be to choose a that I've held onto for years thinking, "I bet that's a good book" then forgot all about, and...drum roll please...READ IT! Maybe, just maybe by the time I'm done, my handsome Prince Eddie will return from work and rescue me from this tower...scratch that. Maybe the electrician will come rescue me from this sweltering heat!

What about us?! We can't read!!!!!!!


Dawn said…
Hehe....oh you're too funny. I don't mean to laugh but you are making it into Quite an adventure!

Read on dear friend...and when Eddie gets back, make him take you out moonlight swimming somewhere;)
(That's what I would do if my prince returned...;)))
Anonymous said…
Man, that's ridiculously hot! I don't think I've experienced heat like that since my travels into Mozambique and Namibia... Enjoy the reading (if you can). I too have been trying to re-train myself to read...
TexWisGirl said…
oh, lordy, elizabeth! i know it must be miserable! at least in texas, we're sort of used to being trapped in the house all day to survive - but worse to be trapped into one room!
Leontien said…
haha yes READING ON A HOT DAY seems like a realy realy good solution!

Hang in there it sould cool down sometime!

This is funny but oh so sad! I hope you get out of your bedroom soon!
We normally average 14 days a year with 90 degrees or higher. We've passed that already this year. In fact, today was our 9th consecutive day over ninety; and we hit 100 two days ago, which has happened only 38 times in our history. But...and this is a big BUT...our central air conditioning continues to function. You may have to find a hotel that allows pets and move out until you get that air conditioner running again.
Hilary said…
It's been super hot here too. I feel for you. I hope your A/C is up and running soon.
Unknown said…
THAT is a less than magical moment. Bless your heart!!!
Oh no, I don't do well in heat. Hang in there.

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